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PostSubject: Read BEFORE Posting   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:52 pm

As the name implies, this section is for reporting any bugs you come across while on the Twilight realms. Try to give as much detail as possible so we can find and fix the bugs without flailing around in the dark. Basicly, don't give us something like "miner no work in city", we'll probably just delete it or I'll stomp on your foot til you fix it. Heres a simple format as an example, you guys don't have to use it but I'm putting it here to help make things alot easier. The "Type of Bug" section will help us figure out what to do to fix the bug right off the bat. Examples: Ore vein, Trainer, Vendor, etc. Note that we can't cover every report at once and that some bugs can only be fixed within the server coding, meaning someone like me can't fix them in game.


Type of Bug:



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