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 Detailed Connection Guide

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PostSubject: Detailed Connection Guide   Tue May 13, 2008 11:00 pm

So, you've registered and wanna know how to get on our WoW server right? Good, just keep reading and you'll be setup in no time.

If for some reason nothing in this guide makes sense, you might wanna lay off the crack and booze for a few days and re-read it when you sober up.

Take note that this guide assumes you already have World of Warcraft and/or Burning Crusade installed and updated to patch 2.4.3.

If you dont have WoW, check our downloads section for the client links.

If for some reason you cant find the patch downloaders, heres the link to Blizzard's mirror page.

As of 7/21/08, Twilight has been fully rebuilt and upgraded to patch 2.4.2. Thus my guide will be fairly short but even more simple since we dont need Hamachi anymore (YAY!).

As of 8/10/08, Twilight has been upgraded to patch 2.4.3 and as a result, I have deleted the downpatching section to this guide.

First off, head over to the registration page, , and make yourself an account.

Next, change your realmlist/patchlist to (Yes thats the same site as the registration page, clever huh?)

By now a few mins should have passed so you can try logging in. If it doesnt work, wait for like 10 mins, the server needs to enter a new cycle for new accounts to activate.

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Detailed Connection Guide
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