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PostSubject: E-Style   Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:56 pm


Almost any weapon will do but the ones I prefer is the smg or the mg but never the smg and the mg together

All the AP you can get cus as a commando you will get shot a lot

Melee Weapon
Any will do but I prefer to use a dagger

Shoot your smg or mg at your opponents relative location while avoiding there return fire by rolling that jelly roll all round the level (tumbling)

Spraying can be done on any map

Any combination of rings will do, i use an +AP and an +HP ring

1. You're an easy target to point out in a battle

2. The skill is all based on luck (how lucky you are to run into a person with low HP)

3. When singled out in an game and are forced to do one on one the chances of losing are greater

4. It's not kool with some people (I think they are bungholes) and may get you kicked out of some games

Sharp Shooting

An list of really good weapons to use are rifles, revolvers, and pistols

Same as the last two, all the AP you can get

Melee weapon
Any will do but I prefer a sword

Find a good spot to camp but don't stay there too long or you might just get a rocket in your face, don't try to roll that much cus by rolling it throws off your accuracy a little bit and that little bit can mean kill or be killed. Shoot your rifle in burst cus by going full automatic you lose accuracy and waste bullets. If your found out you can always use revolvers to defend your self in close range.

Any map with high roofs so that you can camp on a ledge. These maps are arena, mansion, islands, dungeon, town, station, port, and ruin

Any will do rifles don't weigh you down much.

1. When some one gets close you have almost no ranged weapon to fight back with

2. People move fast and it can get kinda hard to shoot them with an automatic gun

3. Dual revolvers and pistols only do max damage if BOTH bullets hit (I killed two guys with one one revolver shot be for =P)

4. Looking for a good hiding spot can get a bit tricky after a while.

CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

A shotgun (I use a breaker7) and any other weapon type. There is always the option of dual shotguns though

This time all the AP and Hp you can get.

Melee weapon
Sword or a dagger cus a kodachi will just weigh you down

Try to get as close to your foe as possible with out dieing, try to come in from above cus people will pay less attention to what's above much less what's ahead or around them. If you manage to get close pump the poor soul with a shotgun shell or two.

Look for tight hall ways and rooms the maps are mansion, arena (underground), ruin, town (allyies), garden, prison, prison 2, castle, and dungeon (caverns)


1. If they manage to get away you can't do nothing much about it rather than go after them

2.During some battles you can lose a considerable amount of hp and ap allowing the next guy to have a better chance of killing you

3. If your for knows where you are you cant shot him from afar all that well

4. There that chance your foe might have a better shotgun( avenger or better) and take you down.

A way of getting around and evading opponents. As an E-Styler, you're not supposed to use a sword unless you are doing K-Style moves, which we will get into later. As an E-Styler, do only a few K-Style moves.

Use when you are trying to get somewhere fast instead of walking. Dashing is used with a melee weapon. Use a sword.

A crucial part of the game. You have to know where to shoot and when to shoot. Knowing your map is essential for this because you have to know where to go when you are shooting your opponents. For example, when sniping, you have to know where to snipe at. When you're not sniping and you are shooting on the ground, you have to know your distance and which gun to use when shooting. Since rifles are good at close-range, use them for sniping. When shooting with other opponents on flat ground, use revolvers and machine guns. Revolvers are very accurate. Machine guns are good because they are automatic and you can spray but the aiming is bad. Basically you just have to know which gun to use, when to shoot at an opponent, and and where you can shoot. Know the distance between you and your opponent because some guns work well with specific distance. For example, revolvers work well in mid-range shooting. Shotguns work well in close-range shooting.

Using your Grenade
Use it wisely. Use it when you see large number of players fighting in a group. Throw your grenade at the large group of players. This will blow them all apart and cause damage. Grenades are also used to get players away from their hiding places. As I said, use it for good reasons. Use it mainly to get players out and running.

Advanced E-Style

Wall Canceling
A move that E-Stylers can do even if K-Stylers do it. This is an advanced move for E-Stylers. E-Stylists wall-cancel just to avoid falling down into the pits (Dungeon and Island Maps).

Be Ready

Always be ready for an attack. Go for anything. Take advantage of everything. Don't just stand there. Yes, players will call you a "noob" but who cares. At least you got the advantage. Kill players no matter what they are doing. See one, kill them. If a player tries to surprise you by hiding somewhere and massive attacking you, just block it and stun him/her and shoot him/her down. Always be ready to do anything at any moment.

The Enemy
Don't start playing unless you know your map and the players in the game....well not their personal info. but just their levels. Know how to shoot and know your enemy's tactics. If you can do this, you will do good. Just be ready for any enemy that comes at you.

As I said in the Shooting part of this Guide, know where to snipe. When you know how to snipe and where to snipe at, you can start lookin' at your opponents. Observe your opponent for a few seconds then start shooting with your rifle. Know who you are shooting before you start shooting. Know how you are going to shoot him/her down before you start shooting also. That way you can snipe your opponent down easily.

Okay, do not just guard. Guarding will get you killed if you do it all the time. Do it when you need to do it. When someone is K-Styling against you, block their moves to surprise them and attack them with your gun (hs/ss is a good move for this). Only guard when you really have to like when some is is rapidly attacking you. Use a combination of your gun and your sword, shoot and block.

Yes E-Stylers do have to use swords like K-Stylers do. When fighting K-Stylers, charge towards them and jump into the air, swing at them, turn around, face them, switch to your gun and start shooting. When fighting other E-Stylers, slash like crazy. When you finish a sword combo., end the combo. with a gun and start shooting your opponent like crazy. Sword combos force opponents into a stun animation and they can't get out unless they cancel it out by swinging or jumping at the right moment that are are stunned. Once you sword combo them, pull out your gun before your opponent recovers and start shooting them. Slashing is a useful sword technique used by E-Stylers to wall-cancel and get out of tough situations and to fight opponents back in defense.

Weapons Used

Yes, E-Styling is all about gunz (ranged weapons)

Revolver - Basically a Pistol with a bit less accuracy, higher delay, and smaller clips. The real difference about this weapon is that it inflicts about 2x the amount of damage per shot than a Pistol does.

Pistols - This weapon doesn't deal as much damage as Revolvers do but they carry more ammo in each clip and they are more accurate.

Shotgun - The benefit of this close-ranged weapon is that they have a spread effect when fired. The cons for this weapon is that it has high delay but it's high accuracy makes up for that. Very good at close range.

SMG - This is the automatic ranged weapon that can be used like revolvers/pistols. The cons for this weapon is that they have very bad accuracy but are very good at close range.

Rifles - This is a pretty common weapon choice because of the damage inflicted on opponents and because of the good aim.

Rocket - When used well, the rocket launcher can be a very deadly weapon. This weapons has a high delay, and carry an average of 3 to 5 shells each clip. It has the benefit of a huge spread effect when they hit a surface. Unlike regular weapons, rockets can cause a great deal of damage depending on how far your opponent is from you. If your opponent is close to you, it will cause a huge impact. If your opponent is far away, the impact won't be as huge.

MG - This is a heavy automatic ranged gun. The benefit of this weapon is that it has a lot of bullets and it inflicts good damage. The cons are it has high delay and is very tough to handle. You'll be called a noob a lot, but this is not something that should get to you. Your patience must be higher than that of your opponent. You may end up pissing your team off once in awhile, and you will run A LOT. This isn't noobish. This is simply owning in a different way than usual.

Also, you can experiment with different combinations. Use the rifle and machine gun separately. Good combinations make a good fight.

DONE!!! You are now a E-styler now go out there and PWN!!

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