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 Disenchanting bug

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PostSubject: Disenchanting bug   Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:14 pm

As some of you may have noticed, disenchanting seems to be bugged. Usually when a magical item is disenchanted it'll dish out some useful dusts, gems and the like. Sadly its bugged right now so for the higher enchanting levels its totally useless. I have a plan to counter this bug though, even if its not permanant and I'm giving everyone a chance to help out. I made a custom vendor not too long ago that I'll have Illmatar add to the server, his names Pudge. (Those of you who played DotA should remember Pudge and his Meat Hook quite well) Anyways, until Pudge is available, I figured we could compile a list of the items normally obtained from disenchanting so I can stock them with the time comes. I realize of course theres sites like WoWHead with the items but those lists are either incomplete or they dont list which items come from disenchanting. So as you guys remember which items come from disenchanting, post them here and I'll write up a list of them in my notebook then add them to Pudge when hes added. (Or I'll just add them to the enchant trainer at the prof mall if we need them asap)

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Disenchanting bug
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