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 New WoW

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PostSubject: New WoW   Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:20 pm

News on The Twilight, April 22, 2008

Ok, Well we have WoW officially up without Hamachi,
First- You need to change your too and you should be fine.

Also to Note, I want everyone who is not a GM/Admin that plays WoW to tell me their main used items and if they have any special items.

We might have a HUGE rollback and everyone might lose their accounts. I said MIGHT not 100% sure yet. Worst comes to worst, we do have all your stuff stored.

We are making the server 2.4 thats why this might happen, so bare with us.

Need any other INFO?

For Events, Check out the Event Forum
For Gunz, PM me
For WoW, PM me

Anything else,
PM me, Email us, Or MSN/AIM

or (Jesus)

AIM: TgamerzJesus
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New WoW
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